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I find Windsor, as of late, one stop shopping...4 hours from Toronto, and Chicago, rich in the arts, joined by the Detroit, Michigan funky scene. As a writer before Dinosaurs roamed the earth, I find it a blessing to create my own direction in life, as we are merely, and quite grandly, only given moments… like this moment as your eyes follow my words, hoping this guy is about to make a point.

The point is, in this great city, perhaps forgotten by most of Canada, we have something special! Special enough that I can write a poem, or story, or play or film and find top notch actors, directors, editors, sponsors, musicians, models, to perform or explore the creative process... all here.

You know, it is good to be underestimated, I revel in it… Canadians revel in it truly... Windsor/Walkerville revels in it because in life, for me, your strength isn't in a far off city, or land or even a major production company waiting to discover you, to tell you, ‘you're good ‘ Your strength is within you, in your daily life.. your family that drives you batty sometimes but you get together because they know you're good.. old friends that make you spit up your soup remembering that you did, actually cut down that kids tree for Christmas.. on his front lawn.. the funny guy who runs the corner store who you are dying for him to read your work, or just say a line.. just…say a line for me dammit, lol.

Or, a lovely model I friended that is definitely beautiful but has that unique quality and moxy to make you wonder... ‘I could so see her so reading that part, becoming that character, I know she has that in her‘...

Yes, there is an airport in Windsor, and I do have my G2 or 3 or string or something... I can, and have left The City By The D.. but I find my way back like a Del Griffith sort (John Candy Planes and Trains and Automobiles) just in time for an old story, or guttural laugh, even a Thanksgiving turkey dinner. Cuz it's all here, perhaps everywhere you are.. but more so home. It's funny really… we search the house to find our glasses. On the couch? Definitely by the bed!!? Ok, gotta be in the bathroom, that's where I was last.. only to notice them in the mirror… in the mirror, on your face.

Creativity is like that.. it is everywhere and in everything we do, we all, each of us, have some innate ability to heal, learn, teach, touch, love, transcend through it. With it. 


And in saying this.. all of this... I would like to welcome you for a visit to:

THE FACULTY OF WONDERMENT © 2022... it's everywhere within u...!!




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